Hey, I'm MD! I work on a few open-source projects, mostly related to Minecraft: Java Edition.



EssentialsX is a suite of plugins for Minecraft: Java Edition servers running CraftBukkit, Spigot or Paper. It provides many useful features for both players and server owners. Find out more on the EssentialsX website.

I maintain EssentialsX, working on the plugin suite itself, as well as overseeing documentation, tools and infrastructure.

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Below are a few smaller and less serious projects:

  • Spigot Drama Generator: Generate some drama about the Minecraft server community. Get some drama!
  • Disable Player Reporting: A Fabric mod that "removes" the Player Reporting feature from Minecraft 1.19.1+. Read more on Modrinth...


If you have any questions about EssentialsX, please use the EssentialsX support channels listed on its website. I can't help with EssentialsX in DMs or by email.

You can find me on Discord at @mdcfe#1970.

(You can also reach me at [email protected] or on EsperNet IRC as mdcfe, but it may take a while to get a response this way.)

I'm on GitHub at @mdcfe.
My plugins and mods can be found on SpigotMC and Modrinth.

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